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Handmade Ukelele

Hand Carved Ukelele
carved ukelele front

Uniquely hand-crafted and carved 8 string Tahitian ukulele made from salusalu wood.

Poplar Ukelele
Polplar Ukelele

Uniquely hand-crafted 8 string Tahitian ukulele made from poplar wood.

Koa Ukelele
Koa Ukelele

Beautiful hand crafted Tahitian style ukulele made from Hawaiian native koa wood. These stringed instruments have exceptional sound and are of the highest quality craftmanship. Tahitian ukulele have a higher tune than Hawaiian ukulele and form the heart of the lively Tahitian musical ensemble.
price: $450 and up, depending on availability of koa wood.

For more information and to order an ukelele, call 1-808-822-9447
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