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To'ere Drums and Sticks
To'ere DrumsTo'ere is the name of the Tahitian drum that is constructed from a hollowed-out log of milo, kamani, kou (Polynesian native woods), or other hard wood. The to'ere is played by beating various rhythm sets on the log with a wooden cone shaped stick. The to'ere beat signals the Tahitian dancers' step changes and provides lively intricacy for the dance choreography and composition. To'ere come in sizes from a few inches in length to a few feet. Small to'ere also make nice gifts for children. The larger the to'ere' the deeper the sound.

To'ere Sticks
To'ere SticksThe stick used to play the to'ere is a cone-shaped, finished piece of hardwood. The stick is held by the wide end and the narrow end beats the to'ere near the opening. Sticks are about 16" long, but may be custom made smaller if preferred by the drummer.

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